Our Swiss Specialities

Salad of the chalet: bouquet of salads, steamed potatoes, Gruyère AOP, Tête de moine AOP, dried meat of the Grisons IGP, pumpkin seeds and croutons

12.00/ 17.00

Chef’s beef tartare (CH), served with toast and fresh French fries

20.00/ 28.00

Homemade hashbrown, raclette cheese AOP gratin, grilled bacon (CH) and fried egg


The half-and-half cheese fondue of the “Petit coin du Seeland” located in the old town of Bienne


Homemade veal cordon bleu (CH): raclette cheese AOP, dried meat of the Grisons IGP and dried apricots Valaisian Type served with fresh French fries and market vegetable


Löe perch fillets (CH) “meunière”, fresh French fries and tartar sauce


To enjoy

Two-tone ravioli with salmon (NOR), ricotta and lemon thyme, saffron sauce and cuttlefish ink


Sauteed shrimp linguine (TH-VN), shrimp bisque, beans and dried cherry tomatoes


Suprême de poulet maïs (CH), juice from “Vin jaune du Jura AOP”, butternut mousseline, fried chanterelles and cashew nut flakes


Beef cheek (CH) braised in a cabbage leaf, carrot purée, Conchiglionis stuffed with chanterelle and a full-bodied juice



Price in Swiss francs, VAT and taxes included
Vivreau. The water respecting environnement.
Notre philosophie a été de fournir de l’eau filtrée de la meilleure qualité possible...
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